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Pool contacts & see the connections you're missing

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An easy searchable database of your team's contacts and your own 1st & 2nd degree contacts. This should be a very useful product for startups who are trying to pool together their contacts and grow their customer base. Love the idea!
Teams is a new platform for startups, allowing teammates to pool their contacts, making it easy to find warm intros to press, leads, and key talent. *Contacts are still kept private. The team can see all connections but NOT who owns them. Each teammate is still the gatekeeper to their own relationships and decides which intros to make without pressure.
Whoot! Congrats @tsumme. This is the recruiting tool we've all been waiting for.
Do you think users should sign in with LinkedIn rather than FB? Seems like those connections are more worthwhile
@toddsaunders LinkedIn has no API for this. We match FB profiles to LinkedIn though, so you can search FB connections for professional meta data from LI like "java" or "excel" In the future, we'll allow users import connections from email.