Allow all devices to communicate together

Teampus allows all devices to communicate on the same Wi-Fi without any configuration, login or password. Just connect on and start sharing! enhances collaboration inside workspaces. It also aims to become an essential tool for remote teams with chat, video calls and file transfers through private channels.

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Thanks for the hunt @matthieudeluze! Teampus was born from a dream: seeing more collaboration in the real world! A virtual tool to reach that purpose might sound counter-intuitive but we need something to break walls, even for those sitting close by. Teampus allows people who may not know each other to chat without having to create a profile… Trust us, this opens many opportunities! Furthermore, Teampus is really simple to use... It’s a simple webpage. You don’t need to sign up or download anything. gives you access to people sharing the same Wifi instantly. It has infinite possibilities of sharing inside and outside your network. You have local sub-channels publicly visible to all sharing the same connection. You can also create private channels to discuss on the Internet. Some of your friends like WhatsApp, others prefer Skype. You are on Facebook but most of your friends moved to Insta or Snap. You have a meeting on Zoom, Slack and Google doc at the same time. You send files by email or – if too big – with WeTransfer. You have so many profiles, passwords and personal data on each platform that you sometimes forget about them. All of this is over with Teampus. We are not looking to replace anyone. We created a new kind of digital communication. Allowing you to share your way. Ephemeral as life and words. Thanks to Teampus, you are as light as the wind. As humans should be. No more wasting time for you and your team! Enjoy the experience and please let us know what you think. We will greatly appreciate your feedback! Thanks :)
You're welcome @tom_major 🤗 I've been using @Teampusapp for a month now and...I just love it! For me so far it's THE best solution to enjoy real co-working sessions. It has all the features that you like in an physical open space: sharing files, chatting, organizing and all the fun in it 😸 I strongly recommend to test it within several environment as I did with small teams, entire buildings and even Hackathons, it always was very insightful experimentations and a true productivity booster for me 😎

I've been using Teampus for a month now and I LOVE IT!

It's THE best solution for co-working, sharing files, chatting and moving forward.


No sign up, self-destruct messages and files, 100% secure



This is the sort of company that thinks it is a good idea to send twitter DM spam to random people harvested from who knows where. Sharing sensitive information over something made by people with that broken marketing moral compass? Hell no.


Can't think of anything, really.



Hi Vaclav, we sent less than 30 tweets & messages… This is a quite funny definition of spamming! We picked people we really thought would be interested by our new approach of sharing: ephemeral and peer-to-peer, therefore protective of personal data. Obviously, we were wrong to think that we shared interest in new technologies and core values.
This product is simply awesome. The idea is simple and genius. I recommend everyone to try it to witness its power. But why can't we find it in the search results ???
@yannscript : Thanks a lot for your comment! We are happy you like our product! Indeed we asked Product Hunt why Teampus is not referenced in the search tab of their website, neither in categories filter...