Teampaper Snap

Take a snapshot, highlight key areas and share feedback

Voice your thoughts on anything you see on a screen momentarily. Just pick an area, comment and share the screenshot with the world. Teampaper Snap will become a daily assistant for both digital professionals and enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their opinion.

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Greetings guys! Any questions or suggestions — I am here to help :)
@dimaodd Nice la! I really like the website design
@leovarmak thanks! we've actually was not ready for being featured
@dimaodd Amazing product :) My team & I use Jing for screen capture and this definitely looks way better. Any plans for screen recording in the product road map? Thanks
@shivkanthb hey and thanks for your comment. Right now we are totally reworking web version + Windows. Then, it really depends on feedback :)
@dimaodd It'd be useful if you could introduce a set to default for the app settings. Also, a feature to share an already existing screenshot via the macOS right-click share menu?
Wow, nice one! Simple and yet powerful tool. Definitely faster than: Make Screenshot > Open it with > Draw some rectangle/text on the image > Send an image
@geek_1001 yeah Ahmed, you will definitely love "Add point" feature (the one with red circle) and then paste it to Slack or save. Give it a try ;)
You're close to winning me over from Skitch. But not yet. Here's how you win me: 1. add a nice text highlter 2. if i snap a webpage, copy the link to the article so when i share the clip it also attaches the link (like oneshot) 3. The text option doesn't let me edit anything once i click off it. This is actually a deal breaker after i realized how often i need to edit the text. 4. You need a "share" option right in the editor. I want to post on twitter or FB or slack for 100% of my clippings. 5. Adjust brush sizes - you're are way too small. I've capture screens with color and i cant make any of the colors stand out. This is why the white outlines on Skitch's texst are useful. Do all of the above and you win me over. Curious to see where you go with this.
@jasonhitchcock hey Jason, that's a serious comment here! It looks like you've spent a lot of time dealing with similar apps. I can't guarantee that we will implement all of that in next update but we will definitely bring all that points to our next team discussion. Thanks!
@dimaodd i should hope you don't. Don't over index on my needs. Thanks for considering the ideas.
@jasonhitchcock Agree 100% with each of these suggestions.
Hey there! :)
Would love to see these tools as well: 1. Blur 2. Highlighter 3. Pen 4. Reverse highlighter 5. Crop 6. Resize
@tomcharde thanks for your comment and interest Tom, that type of insights are really important