Team Me Up helps you find people in your area who interested

Evening Product Hunters, I'm the community manager for TeamMeUp - a new way of finding and joining sport groups around you. The app started out as a solution to our own frustrations with organising a regular 5-a-side football match, so TMU handles a lot of our initial pains - easier promotion of the match without having an endless email thread, a simple way for people to join with an emphasis on "first come first served", a commenting system around events, a transparent way to drop out and an instant way to promote the new empty space. These specialised features dedicated for organisers go hand in hand with an easy way for "event seekers" to browse list of local events and a simple system of joining new sport groups. At the minute we're billing it as a localised service for Manchester since we want to grow first at home, but I'll tell you a secret - the beta will let you organise an event anywhere. Give it a go. Regardless if you like our app or you hate it I'd love to hear your opinion either in comments below or by email to Game on!