Find or organize pick up games and team sports

Connect, coordinate, collaborate. Find or organize pick up games and team sports!

Teammate makes sharing and communicating with team members a breeze, wether it's to schedule events, chat or even share moments from the game.

As a bonus, switching the current team in context is easy, so you can be a part of as many teams as you like!

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Hi ProductHunt! I'm the co-founder of a small start up from Detroit called Teammate. It's an app that let's you find pick up games for multiple sports, or organize your team! I'm also both the backend and Android Developer, and you can tell I went with a very Android centric approach when designing the Android UI; there's lots of Material Design goodness to be found from the floating action button animations, to drawing behind the status bar and shared element transitions between images in appropriate screens. As far as features go: Events Organize, plan, and schedule team events. Team members can RSVP to events, see the event on a map, and get directions at the tap of a button. You can also browse public events if you're not part of a team. This is perfect for finding pick up games. Instant Messaging Instantly communicate with team members to get the information you need, when you need it. Shared Gallery Share team photos, action poses, or a video of the game winning shot. Everyone can contribute their photos and videos so no one misses out. All media is stored with Google Cloud Storage, so you can be rest assured about reliability and availability. Multiple Teams Create as many teams for as many sports as you want. Switching between teams is instantaneous with the contextual button in the toolbar. Feel free to hit me up with any questions, and I hope using Teammate is as much fun as it was to build!
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@tunji_d I'm from Detroit also! Great product.
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hello your app is great. Your app has just a bug on the s8 the menu bar is a centimeter above the bottom of the screen. If you need help translating to French no problem. The application will become paid or by subscription? Regards.
@fugalgolf Hi Xavier! Thanks so much for bringing that to my attention, I'll get to working on it ASAP. At the moment there are no plans to charge for anything else but for more media storage when a team's media gets over 1.5 GB. At this point, the storage would require subscription. Further monetization would come from inline ads in the feed, similar to Twitter. There are no ads at the moment mostly because Google's Mobile Ad SDK isn't ready, and our hosting costs aren't that much at the moment so we can focus more on the user experience first, and monetization later. There may also be premium features like allowing users to pool money towards facility fees and tournament subscriptions, but that's a bit down the line. Thanks so much for the feedback! I really appreciate it.
Great application- especially for the summer! It's a good way to keep my old Basketball team connected as well as meet other people who love to ball.
@evan_palmer1 Thank you! I've had fun making World Cup brackets with it as well!
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