Beautiful project management software for companies

TeamGrid is a beautiful project management software for companies. TeamGrid brings all the relevant features to improve the efficiency of your daily work.

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@tobiashieb can tell us more :) What was the development process like? How does this compare to other similar tools on the market?
Hello Product Hunt Community! We are very pleased to be here today on Product Hunt and to welcome the first teams on our platform. Two years ago, we were looking for a project and task management platform for our agency. We tested all the known apps and found that most of these apps were too confusing and could be difficult to use in the agency business. For us that was a problem - because our agency grew rapidly and we needed a clear app to manage our projects. So we started to brainstorm to create a user interface with an excellent overview of tasks and projects. When we developed our first prototype with the great Meteor Framework, we realized quickly that much more can be hidden behind a task and project management platform. We experimented with an iBeacon connection to terminate the time tracking for a task automatically when you leave your desk. It was magical! We automatically integrated and linked our telephony with tasks, contacts and projects. That was exactly the time when we decided to develop TeamGrid as a product. Today TeamGrid is an extensive task and project management platform with integrated time tracking, a mode for agencies and realtime analytics. In the coming weeks we will launch apps for iOS and Android. We are also planning apps for smart watches and tvOS to make the offices of our teams even smarter. We open our platform today only for Product Hunters and offer you a free 14 day trial. After the trial period expires Product Hunters receive a 50% discount to our subscription model. I look forward to an exciting discussion with you. Greetings, Tobias Head of Product, Team Grid
@tobiashieb @bentossell Looks awesome. I've been looking for something like this, without fully knowing what it would look like. My 2c - get rid of everything except the main team grid board with everyone's tasks. Everything else (projets, contacts, notes etc..) make it overly complicated. -shaan
Really neat. A lot cleaner and intuitive than Trello. Dig the logo as well.
Looks really interesting. Do you offer any kind of non-profit pricing ? I'm asking because we're looking to implement such a tool in our non-profit and we're looking at various solutions and most of them do offer a free tier or a discounted product.
@jpvalery Thanks JP. Currently we haven't a special model for non-profits. With the coupon code "50PRODUCTHUNTUSD" you get a 50% discount (lifetime). The code is automatically used, if you sign up through our Product Hunt landing page. I hope this helps. :)
@tobiashieb Thanks! Seen it :) Though, his ends up being the same price as JIRA for us. We'll see how this goes :)
After managing many freelancers in my lifetime, I have to say the live video & hourly rates is key. The hard part with these software builds is that unlike all other software, these need to be much more complete releases. What's the roadmap looking like?
@domjespo Hi Dominic, I think you're absolutely right. So far we've implemented tons of features - but there are still a few on our roadmap that are very important. You can find our roadmap here:
Hey there! The videos on the landing page do not work: "Sorry - Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here." The rest looks quite promising :-)
@moritzs Hi Moritz, thanks. I've checked the privacy settings. Does it work for you now?
@tobiashieb yes and they are pretty, too ๐Ÿ˜„ I like the idea of the active card being tracked!