TeamGee H9 Electric Longboard is an electric longboard designed to be as lightweight and as indistinguishable from a regular longboard as possible. Ultra thin, no extra bulk, just speed and total freedom.

✅Integrated Battery

✅Lightweight Board


✅23 mph Top Speed

✅11 Miles of Range

✅Replaceable 380W Hub Wheels

✅Regenerative Braking

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Looks like just another re-branded Alibaba electric skateboard
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Another day, another electric longboard TeamGee's new H9 looks like it has some nice specs, but is focused on making a lightweight board with an ultra thin design that would make you think it's just a regular longboard with no motor or battery at all with the deck only being 12 mm thick.

With a fully black look and hidden battery, this board has one of the best looks, I've ever seen. All the specs are not the greatest, but good enough for me, except its range, probably. But I guess, it what you get for such slim design. Probably will look into improving battery somehow later by myself.


Great look, moderate specs, especially considering its price


Average range