Teamdeck for Mobile

The easiest way to track time for teams, on iOS and Android.

Teamdeck for Mobile is a lightweight companion for the web version of Teamdeck. Use the app to:
- track your work in real time
- add your timesheets whenever convenient
- browse your calendar
- check the schedule of your team (if you’re a manager)
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Hey Product Hunt! I’m the CEO of Teamdeck, a resource management tool used by hundreds of teams worldwide. We’re helping companies maintain an optimal workload and keep their employees happy. Time tracking is one of the core features of Teamdeck and we wanted to create a seamless way for team members to log in their time. This is why we’ve created this mobile app. It’s a start-stop mobile time tracker that integrates with the web version of Teamdeck. Employees can track time from anywhere, managers can overview their team’s workload on the go. I’d love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you might have!
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