Schedule your team track their time & vacations in 1 tool 💚

Teamdeck combines resource calendar with timesheets, so that you can manage your teams with one app.
Unique advantage - powerful analytics that will help you:
measure team utilization
calculate employee payroll
track the profitability of your projects
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Krzysztof ŁazarskiIT Project Manager

Try it for free, come back and tell me I'm wrong. Never going to happen :)


Got everything you need. Nothing less, nothing more.


Once you'll start using it, you're done. You won't chage it. Never.

Khoo Adampositive
Zbigniew Czarnecki
CEO @ Apptension
Hi Product Hunt! Teamdeck’s founder here 👋. I’m excited to share this tool with Product Hunt community. The idea for the app came from my own daily struggles. As a software house owner I found myself using 3-4 different tools or spreadsheets to allocate work across my team and track their timesheets 🙀. Now, Teamdeck solves this problem - and not just for my team. Around 300 managers, from small startups to global agencies, use Teamdeck every day to manage their teams. What’s in the app? 🔮 Team scheduling – plan, assign and manage your employees, ⏰ Time tracking & timesheets – keep track of the actual time spent on projects, 🌴 Leave management – manage your teams’ vacations and daily availability, 📊 Reporting - with ready-to-go templates and custom reports for those who love themselves a nice spreadsheet formula. How to find out whether Teamdeck is the right tool for your team? 👉 Start for free – no credit card required, 14-day trial for Business plan, forever-free plan for small teams (up to 6 people). 👉 Try the interactive demo – sign up and click on “Play with simple data” to generate an account similar for your actual team. 👉 Get a personalized tour – our team is there for you to guide your first steps through the tool, schedule a tour in our live chat (thanks Intercom!). Sounds good? Give Teamdeck a go and let us know what you think – we rely strongly on our users’ opinions 💪. 👉 👈 Cheers, Z P.S. Many thanks to @tomgorski for hunting us!
I love this !
Nana MarkSexy Free and Single
so good
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