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Teamdeck combines resource calendar with timesheets, so that you can manage your teams with one app.
Unique advantage - powerful analytics that will help you:
measure team utilization
calculate employee payroll
track the profitability of your projects
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Tom Gorski
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  • Krzysztof Łazarski
    Krzysztof ŁazarskiIT Project Manager

    Got everything you need. Nothing less, nothing more.


    Once you'll start using it, you're done. You won't chage it. Never.

    Try it for free, come back and tell me I'm wrong. Never going to happen :)

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Zbigniew Czarnecki
Zbigniew CzarneckiMaker@z_czarnecki · CEO @ Apptension &
Hi Product Hunt! Teamdeck’s founder here 👋. I’m excited to share this tool with Product Hunt community. The idea for the app came from my own daily struggles. As a software house owner I found myself using 3-4 different tools or spreadsheets to allocate work across my team and track their timesheets 🙀. Now, Teamdeck solves this problem - and not just for my team. Around 300 managers, from small startups to global agencies, use Teamdeck every day to manage their teams. What’s in the app? 🔮 Team scheduling – plan, assign and manage your employees, ⏰ Time tracking & timesheets – keep track of the actual time spent on projects, 🌴 Leave management – manage your teams’ vacations and daily availability, 📊 Reporting - with ready-to-go templates and custom reports for those who love themselves a nice spreadsheet formula. How to find out whether Teamdeck is the right tool for your team? 👉 Start for free – no credit card required, 14-day trial for Business plan, forever-free plan for small teams (up to 6 people). 👉 Try the interactive demo – sign up and click on “Play with simple data” to generate an account similar for your actual team. 👉 Get a personalized tour – our team is there for you to guide your first steps through the tool, schedule a tour in our live chat (thanks Intercom!). Sounds good? Give Teamdeck a go and let us know what you think – we rely strongly on our users’ opinions 💪. 👉 👈 Cheers, Z P.S. Many thanks to @tomgorski for hunting us!
Peter Gilbert
Peter Gilbert@peter_gilbert
I love this !
Nana Mark
Nana Mark@nana_mark · Sexy Free and Single
so good
Haley Christina
Haley Christina@haley_christina
Nana Mark
Nana Mark@nana_mark · Sexy Free and Single