Visualize how your team communicates on Slack

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I'd love to hear your feedback! Has anyone tried it? If not why, can we improve anything?
@rraapphhaaeell I just love it. I've been looking in smthg similar for months. The main purpose would be for us to give some visibility on the team structure, and where to find expertise. In that sense, I'm missing a way to organize the visualisation depending on slack groups, or by maybe trough specific channels (including some charcaters for instance). Visualisation of the team by #number of channels doesn't say much..
@tdehem Hey Thibaut, thanks for your comment! Happy that you like our little project :) You're touching upon a good point. By the nature of cluster algorithms it's hard to attach meanings to them by machine, but requires a user (who somehow understands the organisation) to figure out what groups the algorithm created. To be honest, using groups for this makes total sense and was not on our radar, when conceptualizing. But I don't want to discourage you! teamchatviz is actually an open source tool we've created! Which means you are more than welcome to add features or maybe find some genius developer who would add your idea!
hey product hunters, We've got some backup info for you guys: #TEAMCHATVIZ BY MOOVEL Explore how communication works in your team and learn how it shapes culture by diving into your team's Slack communication statistics. This integration enables you to explore your Slack jungle with appealing and unique data visualisations that give insights into your very own slack team. #teamchatviz will automatically create 6 graphs based on your data. #teamchatviz has been made by moovel lab and the moovel development team. It is open souce, you can find more infos here: