Project management and group chat

Teambition, the starting point of various initiatives such as campaign planning, software R&D, robot manufacturing, power station construction and even satellite launching, enables team members to achieve their targets more efficiently.
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Why are you launching a group chat? Aren't there enough group chat tools available already?
@__tosh Hi Thomas, thanks for your question! The group chat is only one part of our productivity apps which was requested by our users. We thought this through a lot and decided that if this would help our customers work better, then we should give it to them.
How does Teambition differ from other collaboration and project management tools out there?
@__tosh We are an all-in-one solution, meaning we bring together in one application task management, file sync, notes, calendar and now group chat into one single app that remains simple enough for non tech savy users to adopt.
What are your main challenges in the market?
@__tosh besides the obvious competition outside of China, right now it is to bring enough of a focus in how we shape our product to make sure we are truly different and bringing something valuable to our users and customers. Trying to do that while at the same time addressing both a Chinese and now international audience makes for quite a challenging set of goals.
Worked in different companies in China, most of them were moving out from Teambition, had several bugs (hope you guys fixed them) but somehow was not appealing for dev process and teams, in China everybody uses Wechat and you cannot even compare with JIRA.
@diegoluisr Hi Diego, we are taking steps at Teambition now to make our product a lot more stable and complete. This is this kind of step that you go through when going from a startup to a bigger company with more customers. For developers, we have built now Power-ups which are extensions that developers can build to integrate with us. The documentation is fairly new so still in Chinese on but you can already integrate your workflow with GitHub for example. More coming in the future. Also if you think about our value proposition which is to be simple and all-in-one this means that our users mostly are non-technical.
@florian_monfort alright, well.. a webhook in Github is not that difficult to make. People abroad, even non technical ones use Slack and you know how many integrations has.. but i think your hybrid solution faces a lot of challenges out there. Hope you guys can come up with something great, i feel there is potential if you try to be more empathetic with users rather than offering yourself what you think is useful for people :) Just my 2 cents.
@diegoluisr thanks for the feedback! Actually the chat is something we are offering precisely because our customers were asking for it. Initially we were against releasing a chat because we didn't know if this would make sense for us, then we took steps to look at our feature requests and what our customers wanted. This was one of the most demanded ones.