Team Leaderboard

Slack leaderboard for employees based on reactions

#5 Product of the DayOctober 25, 2015
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Hey all, My name is Jake Dahn and I built TeamLeaderboard with my wife @jessicagillis5 :) About 2 months ago one of my coworkers had come up with the idea to use slack reactions as a way to reward teammates for good deeds. We tried it out for a few days but decided that we needed something more to make it stick and pull everyone in. So I set out to build a prototype just for our team, and within a day everyone in the company had changed their behavior and started trying to do things to get :+1: emojis. It was a lot of fun, so I thought that other slack teams might also appreciate the idea. That is how TeamLeaderboard was born.
@jakedahn @jessicagillis5 May I know why it is killed? Sounds like a nice idea
It doesn't exist anymore.
Good way to reward people are both task and relationship-oriented!
This is awesome! I love the idea. It would be really great to have an API as well to hook in to. Mainly thinking it would be cool to be able to poll the leader board from hubot.
@samuelcouch That's a great idea! I hope to add a more publicly friendly API soon. -- While it isn't obvious, or really supported, you can sort of make this happen today! Behind the scenes of the ui is a basic API that is in the process of being fleshed out. In your browser if you open up the web inspector and look for the HTTP request to `` you can look in the request headers and get your json web token. You can use this token to make requests against the API to get information about your team. `curl '' -H 'Authorization: jwt'`
@jakedahn Oh cool! May try and flesh this out in the next week or two.