Beautiful Project Management App For Creative Studios

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Hey Michelle, thanks so much for posting our product.
I'm at my desk all afternoon if anyone has any questions about Team :)
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The website does really poor job at explaining why it's better and different than any other services like e.g. Basecamp. Hiding trial behind email signup is also not a good idea.
@robinraszka regarding the email signup, I get you now. We're not hiding the registration behind an email signup. The email is used as your unique username and is the first step in the registration process.
@jeromeiveson as a user, I don't want any username nor go through some registration to try out a product. I just want to see it and use it first. How this can convert someone into using a new tool is a mystery to me:
We are a design agency and a few months ago, we decided to adopt thrive and pay annually in exchange of expected features to be developed and bug fixing. Unfortunately, as of today, we are far from a finished product and we just can’t use it on a daily basis. This is not usable in a professional environment and we would not recommend it to anyone. In other words, my team of 15+ designers hated it. The founder refused to refund us or even stop our annual subscription because he prefers money than satisfied clients. Good luck for the future.