Discover and try new types of tea ☕

TeaHunt is an internet database of teas from around the world. The focus on discovery is to search by the way they make you feel (ex. euphoria, relaxation, energy) instead of just their flavor profiles.

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Thanks for sharing, @jimmyamash ☕ How many different types of tea do you have listed in total?
@amrith Thanks! 30 which will all be live by the end of today. Planning to have many more by the end of the week!
@jimmyamash, when I visit the site, I can't all I see is "No Results Found :("
@rrhoover Edit: It’s working again. 🌱 Uh oh. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like there's some trouble viewing the website in-app. Will be fixing, but try using the regular ol' browser in the meantime. Thanks!
I'm not a tea expert but would love to have simple recommendations made by experts.
Doesn't work? Nothing is listed. Must be no Tea's in the world. Coffee it is.
@bengreenwood Sorry about that. Fixed it earlier - had an SSL issue which is now resolved when viewing in the PH app!
Looks cool @jimmyamash. As a tea drinker I love this idea. I don't see anyway to add new teas for the community to try. Consider adding PekoeBrew Earl Grey. They won Golden Leaf for it. They're also a startup! https://www.pekoebrew.com/produc...