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Did you notice that writing code requires to type similar code over and over again? It might feel like waste of energy and time. πŸ€” And it can be done much faster πŸš€ with TeaCode. 🀩

It's like TextExpander for developers. Thanks to code expanders (dynamic snippets) writing code is like a dream.

  • Byscripts
    ByscriptsWeb developer in France

    Almost "universal", supports variables transformations


    Apps requiring plugin don't use same shortcut that "native" apps

    If you use multiple editors, it's boring to configure expanders for each one. TeaCode provide an easy and powerful "universal" tool for that. Too bad you have to use a plugin in some applications, but especially the fact that the shortcut is not the same depending on the application.

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  • Pros:Β 

    quick, expansions based on file type being edited, very flexible


    Some editors will not work without a plugin. But, they have plugins for the more popular editors.

    This is a great programmer's expander that is very flexible and fast. Since expansions are based on the file type being edited, I can use the same name for many different expanders. For example, I use df for `Document Function`. It will expand into my normal function documentation, but use the comments appropriate for the file type (`#` for shell, ruby, `//` for python, php, C, JavaScript, etc.).

    The author has a great plan for future features as well. A really useful tool.

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Eugene Kalnyk
Eugene Kalnyk@yevheshko Β· PR Specialist, MacPaw
Looks awesome! Can't wait to try!
Jerry Shan
Jerry Shan@shantianyun Β· iOS Developer
Wow, looks good. Downloaded and trying it now.
Jerry Shan
Jerry Shan@shantianyun Β· iOS Developer
I don't like your application icon. I would suggest to make the background transparent instead of whole black. lol.
Jerry Shan
Jerry Shan@shantianyun Β· iOS Developer
Amazing, very easy to use. I can do something with -f functionName and it will completes the function scope for me. Awesome.
Jerry Shan
Jerry Shan@shantianyun Β· iOS Developer
I tested on Xcode when writing iOS code, and it works perfect. However, it seems that it is not working on Android Studio. I installed the IntelliJ plugin, still no luck.
Marcin Krzywonos
Marcin KrzywonosMaker@m_krzywonos Β· CEO at @Apptorium
@shantianyun If you installed IntelliJ plugin, keep in mind that you need to press ctrl+cmd+e (plugins have different shortcut).
Jerry Shan
Jerry Shan@shantianyun Β· iOS Developer
@m_krzywonos Yes, I noticed that. I tried ctrl+cmd+e, but nothing happens.
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra Β· Law Student|Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊
Artem Shlagin
Artem Shlagin@shlajin Β· IT Consultant & Developer
I'm using idea for development. How is it better than standard live templates?