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Paul Jarvis
Paul Jarvis@pjrvs · Author of Company of One
I've used Teachery since the early beta and LOVE IT. I can focus on adding content and Teachery does the rest.
Clay Hebert
Clay Hebert@clayhebert · Founder, CrowdfundingHacks
Know why art gallery walls are white? Because you're not there to look at the walls...the white walls let the background blend in so you can focus on the art itself. Teachery works the same way. Not only is it easy, fast and intuitive to learn...the platform is clean and beautiful. Most importantly, it gets out the way so your course content can shine. I've been using Teachery for my course for months and I love it.
Rachel Andrew
Rachel Andrew@rachelandrew · Managing Director, edgeofmyseat.com
This looks great - and I love the pricing calculator on the site. That's a great way to let people work out which plan they need.
Joshua Dance
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Looks very cool.
Looks great. How's it compare to Fedora?
Jason Zook
Jason ZookMaker@jasondoesstuff · I do weird things on the Internet.
@jhtdc hey fellow Jason! To be honest, we're not sure. @ankur is a great dude and has been very kind to us, but I've never seen inside the Fedora platform and only had access to one course built on it (quite awhile ago). We're not too concerned with how we compare to other platforms at the moment. Right now we're laser focused on building a solid platform that we love and that our first group of users helps us learn from. Sorry if that's a little vague, but Teachery isn't a product we're trying to build into a $100M company, so we're happy to stay small and very hands-on with our customers.