Try to go from A to Z, an iOS game

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Pierre Dulac
Pierre DulacMaker@dulaccc · CTO at 360player.io
Hi guys, I'm really glad to share our first iOS game with you, and get some awesome feedbacks from this community :) we are a small team of two, new to the indie game world, but dedicated to create beautiful colorful mobile games. In the first steps of the game, we tried to guide the user with an interactive tutorial to avoid loosing him too soon, but I'm sure we can improve on it. That's why your feedbacks are so precious for us (Amandine et Pierre). I hope you will like the entertainment of those nice shapes, colors and fonts.
Russ Frushtick
Russ Frushtick@russfrushtick
@dulaccc Super cool idea and I love the art! Well done, Pierre!
Pierre Dulac
Pierre DulacMaker@dulaccc · CTO at 360player.io
@russfrushtick thanks a lot :) I have to say, I'm just the coder behind it, @__amandine__ deserves all the credits for the art !
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Games is arguably one of the most open-ended, creative mediums. I'm always interested to hear how game makers come up with their initial idea, @dulaccc. +1 for the GIF playthrough on the site, btw.
Pierre Dulac
Pierre DulacMaker@dulaccc · CTO at 360player.io
@rrhoover well if you're askin' ;) The real story behind this game is that we wanted to work on something new with @__amandine__. So we took the one thing she likes the most, typography, and the one thing I was craving for, make an iOS game. Then, the day after, I tried to make a *joke* but didn't get this far "let's take a letter, slice it and...", that was the trigger in the creative mind of @__amandine__, she stopped me, drew some ideas on paper and the core concept was here. We kept the initial drawings, you can see them here : https://twitter.com/weplaytaz/st...