SMS blast someone with Taylor Swift lyrics 🎶

Boyfriend just dump you? Have a T.Swift loving friend? Or just want to prank a friend?
TayTayTexts has you covered. Anonymously send 10, 25 or 50 T.Swift one liners to their mobile and watch their responses on our Twitter feed.
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Hi, I'm Ashley the maker of this product. This was inspired by a presentation I saw by Chris Drake at a hackathon in Brisbane where he presented his idea of KanyeTexts, and some of the tools he used to build that. At that moment, I created TayTayTexts, to obviously imitate Chris' product, but to also learn for myself how I could build something quickly and create an MVP. What started as just a weekend muck around project, has taken me on to build bigger and better things using the same MVP approach Chris presented, and TayTayTexts initial success after that weekend, has led to the revival of this product. I've spent a bit of time over the past 2 years optimising how it all hangs together, originally using a combination of WordPress/Stripe/Twilio/Google integrations with Zapier, to a much simpler and streamlined code base which now allows for multi-tenancy, effectively, now supporting different celebs & quotation databases, and allowing the solution to run with less costs. Hope you and your friends enjoy this silly, yet psychopathically fun product

Insanely annoying and hilarious


Annoying as hell


needs a T.Swift endorsement

This is legendary


Worth every cent! Makes people second guess why they were a jerk to you


T.Swift needs to endorse it! Maybe she could break up with her bf and write a song about TayTayTexts?

Well this is one of the more interesting things I have seen, does it work with every country?
@aaronoleary we've tested with AU, UK and US numbers, but some customers have used some whacky countries as well. I'm going to confidently say "yes"