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Hello Product Hunt, and thank you @jacqvon for hunting us! Amazon Prime Day is yet another day to convince fashion shoppers that sales are limited, exclusive, and short lived. The constant urgency drives shoppers mad with fomo. The hidden truth is that fashion sales are always happening. Fashion lovers just have to jump through hoops to find them. Taylo cuts through the crud, looks through all your favorite brands, and shows you the most popular sales under $150. Don’t fall for the hype chasing the next sale craze. Come to Taylo when style strikes to find the best fashion sales waiting for you. Join today to unlock bigger discounts, specific styles, and more options free for a limited time. Reach out to ariehmovtady@gmail.com to talk about partnerships, jobs, investments, or press. Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks!
@ariehmovtady I'm ridiculously fond of the Taylo logo. It screams RTW (in good way). Nicely done.
@kkdub Well thank you. The goal was to make fashion sales feel playful, fun, and young. Hope the design of the rest of the app catches you in the same way!