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Compare the prices of Uber, Grabtaxi and Cab all in one app!

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Pallav AgarwalMaker@pallav_agarwal · Passionate for technology and startups
This app uses the Uber API and the price model of Grabtaxi and the normal cab. Then, using the google maps API, the distance and time information from google maps gives the fare. The user can easily compare the prices and choose the best transport service to then use by simply tapping on the result. Other features include: - Peak hour price increases - Uber surge pricing Summary of the app: By simply entering your starting location and your destination, this app will show you how much it will take to reach that destination if you use Uber, Grabtaxi or the local taxi service (Singapore). Peak hours are taken account to inform you the best taxi service to take at every time! Uber Surges are shown when Uber is on surge! - Go directly to the Uber or Grabtaxi app by clicking on the results - Save favorites to check prices at different times of the day Hope you like this product!
Adrian Wisaksana@beingadrian · Software Engineer, Student @ Make School
@pallav_agarwal Did you use Uber's API to make this? I wanted to make something similar for San Francisco, but I read their Terms & Conditions and it said that I couldn't do something like this :(
Pallav AgarwalMaker@pallav_agarwal · Passionate for technology and startups
@beingadrian Yes it uses the uber API. I do not understand why it would not be allowed as even google maps now has incorporated a similar feature for uber