Taxfyle 2.0

Stop doing your taxes, leave it to the professionals.

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This is TaxFyle's second tax season. Last year their app was selected by Apple to be featured by the app store. It really is a great way to get your returns prepared by a qualified CPA conveniently and inexpensively. @kwcto is objectively a fantastic developer and a great human being. If he is involved, I know my private data is secure. Best of luck to TaxFyle this tax season!!
@cpaprogrammer Thanks for the kind words, Chris!
I confess to putting Taxfyle through a few painful "tests" -- sorry, guys. Ordered a biz return and asked the tax pro 5 or 6 repetitive questions. Poor guy. But he calmly and correctly answered and didn't give up. The answer was that in this case I needed a personal return, not a business return. Next I got on chat and asked how the company tested their tax pros, implying that mine was meh. Permission to review the transcript was requested and granted. Although there was nothing to apologize for, my complaint was handled in old-school Neiman Marcus/Nordstrom fashion. (It's rare for a company this young to understand that customer service means the customers you intend to keep are always right.) My refund was processed immediately, a final plus. All signs point to filing with Taxfyle this year. I will be, if I haven't been banned forever.
@kkdub thank you for bringing a smile to my face. How about a lifetime pass to Taxfyle! Very happy the team and your Pro was able to sort out your tax situation, no matter the complexities.
Taxfyle is an on-demand platform that connects you within seconds to a tax expert. Simply create a user profile, answer a few simple yes/no questions and your personally assigned credentialed tax expert will connect with you and file your taxes! They do all the work. Taxfyle 2.0 will now let you get a quote for your business or non-profit faster. Getting your taxes shipped off to your licensed Tax Pro so you can focus on what really matters. They now support business returns, have a way larger Tax Pro base, use DC/OS server clustering to be able to handle larger volumes, and have incorporated ApplePay. Taxfyle now has a web app that integrates with the iOS/Android app, so you can handle your return from any device seamlessly.
I'd love to switch from intuit. Can Taxfyle import TurboTax from last year?
@gabriel__lewis and we would love to do them for you on demand! You can upload any files you want to your folder PDF. Excel etc. via your cloud provider like Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox. Also working on a doc scraper to important directly from 3rd parties. The update should be live this season.
Android App out today, too! Already started my return and working with my Pro to knock this out!
@amyers Thanks for following so closely Aaron! We're always there to assist via the Help button while your Tax Pro files for you.