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Maxx BlankHunter@aryehmaxx
I was just finishing up preparing for my seemingly complicated taxes (took me 12 hours), then a friend sent me TaxFyle. Looks like an awesome company! Will be checking them out!
Aaron Myers@amyers · eCommerce Guy
Any idea on pricing?
Will Sahatdjian@kwcto · Co-Founder & CTO, Taxfyle
@amyers Pricing starts at $49 for a Federal return (without a state return). An instant quote is provided via the app based on responses to a few simple Yes/No questions. The pricing model has been iterated on extensively to be as competitive as possible. Our goal is to cost less than our competitors while still providing superior service.
Will Sahatdjian@kwcto · Co-Founder & CTO, Taxfyle
Hey guys, Taxfyle Co-founder here. Thanks for checking us out! Maxx, we couldn't agree with you more. Taxes are an overly complicated necessity, and regardless of whether you do them yourself, or go to your traditional brick and mortar accounting firm, you better prepare yourself to lose a whole day. We believe that the best way to do your taxes is not having to do them at all. Taxfyle is the world’s first on demand CPA market place where hundreds of CPAs, the top licensed professionals in the accounting world, are ready 24/7 to do your taxes for you. Never again input numbers, wait in lines or make any tax judgement calls. In as little as 60 seconds the Taxfyle app will provide you with an instant quote, expected filing date and your own dedicated CPA. Once your CPA is assigned, you’ll have the opportunity to chat and exchange files with your CPA all through Taxfyle’s encrypted in app messaging program. Aaron, as for pricing, our prices are based on the forms and schedules you require filed (based on 10 yes or no questions). So prices vary based on individual needs, but individuals should expect our prices to be about 30% cheaper than the traditional firms out there. We are aiming to go live by week's end. Looking forward to help you guys out this tax season!
Ian Mikutel@ianmikutel · Sr. PM Lead, Ink & AI @ Microsoft.
Was just looking for a service like this! Came across your Instagram video add, installed the app and cross-checked PH to see how legit this is. 😎 Question: who are your competitors in the CPA app space and how are you trying to differentiate?
Sammy Soto@s2mmy2 · Founder I TaxBestimates
Not sure I understand the premise here. Wouldn't this service only be for 1040 filers who own a small business or have investment/passive income? Don't these people have tax accountants are you usually referred to them? Tax filings require a ton of sensitive information. Are you concerned that taxpayers would be hesitant to turn over this type of information to someone on an app? Also, what's steps are you taking to make sure the EAs and CPAs are actually accredited?
Will Sahatdjian@kwcto · Co-Founder & CTO, Taxfyle
@s2mmy2 Sammy, thanks for the feedback. It is great to hear from people who also have tax products out in the marketplace. One of the main reasons we created an app was to provide the customer with the most secure communication channel possible. All documents and messages between CPA and customer via the Taxfyle app are much safer than the traditional way small CPA firms collect customer data (email). We have gone above and beyond industry best practices for security, encryption and data protection utilized by established apps like TurboTax. Millions of people have trusted existing online tax preparation platforms for years. With Taxfyle, a licensed CPA always prepares the customer's return, guaranteeing the highest quality experience possible. All CPAs who sign up to perform work at Taxfyle are thoroughly screened. Each and every CPA license is pulled and verified to ensure that their license is in good standings with the AICPA and that they are fulfilling the 80 hours worth of CPE credits every 2 years. Furthermore, each CPA must provide their IRS PTIN and EFIN letters, which are then crossed referenced to their license. These documents are also checked to make sure they are active with the IRS. To obtain an EFIN, the IRS Suitability Check "may include: a credit check; a tax compliance check; a criminal background check; and a check for prior non-compliance with IRS e-file requirements." At the end of the day, we feel that Taxfyle is providing a better, faster and less expensive way to get your taxes done by a CPA. Compared to the status quo, where a potential customer must go through the hassle of getting an Accountant on the phone, emailing or physically delivering documents and scheduling appointments, it is a breath of fresh air. Apple has already approved the Taxfyle app. Android is almost ready as well. We feel that the people who early adopt Taxfyle once we launch next week will find Taxfyle extremely convenient and safe. I look forward to any additional feedback once you can try the platform out for yourself. Cheers!
Sammy Soto@s2mmy2 · Founder I TaxBestimates
@kwcto we should talk. Shoot me an email when you get the chance.