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TaxDrop is a mobile app that connects you with a licensed CPA who prepares your tax return. Snap, upload, done. BUT EVEN BETTER--Connect your bank account to have all possible deductions scanned and identified. Future updates will keep coming until we can gather ALL your tax documents for you too. Yes to hands-free!

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How is it better then taxfyle?
@idenis_s Hi Denis! Thanks for your question! I've also written a response below to @jacqvon on how TaxDrop is different. Ultimately, unlike other tax solutions out there, TaxDrop was built by actual tax preparers, who are consumers at the core too. It's through this unparalleled experience that TaxDrop is different. TaxDrop's goal is to automate tax season, not to merely serve as a 3rd party marketplace for accounting help. In 2017 with all the tax options out there, filing taxes still feels painful and is still a lot of work for something that gets done the same way every single year. So app update by app update, users can look forward to TaxDrop not only filing their taxes, but doing all the work leading up to that too, until tax season becomes truly automated. Starting with connecting users' bank accounts to TaxDrop (using Plaid, the fintech API that big parties like Venmo/PayPal, TransferWise, Stripe run on), TaxDrop will already have and be able to identify deductible expenses. Less paperwork for you!
Hey @_alicecheng, Tell us more about this app and why it's better than what's already out there?
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline! Unlike many tax apps out there, TaxDrop was built by a team with actual tax experience (I'm a CPA in New York with experience from individual taxation to a specialty in international tax planning/restructuring). The existing app and future versions were and will be created from this unparalleled foundation. Knowledge of the tax prep process allows us to further automate tax season for both the consumer and tax preparers. Existing tax solutions make consumers feel like they're diagnosing themselves via webMD and hiring a preparer still has a lot of pain points. Automation is key for this annual, repetitive, and tedious tax process-- so we're doing the work for the consumer. Starting with scanning and identifying deductions from bank statement transactions during the entire year and ending when we've successfully automated the consumer's entire tax doc collection process. We already have paying customers. You can invest in TaxDrop on Republic if you want to be part of our success! We've already raised close to $40k on our equity crowdfunding round on and anyone can get in early on this idea :)
the max cost is $350? is that super complicated returns too?
@raja__umar Hi Raja! Thank you for your question! The 3rd tier bundle you see starts at $350 (aka the super complicated returns category). We are updating our website soon to include more pricing details, stay tuned! :)
Android app?
@tonybrix Hey Tony! No Android yet, looking to have Android available next year! But also building a web portal for everyone to use for this upcoming tax season. So if you don't have an iPhone/iPad, then that might be for you!
Great idea. Want.