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  • Scott LewisWeb Developer. Icon Designer. Blogger.

    It's free! But it works excellently. Easy-to-use and gives my site visitors immediate, real-time access to ask me questions.


    None that I have discovered yet.

    I have a website to sell some of my stock vector icons. I get a lot of emails from site visitors about licensing. The lag between the emails and a possible sale, though, can make or break the deal. So I started looking for free chat tools, not expecting to find any alternatives to Intercom or the other paid services.

    I installed Tawk.to because it has a WordPress plugin so was easy to install and just un-install if it wasn't what I needed. I was surprised how easy it was to start using and I started getting chat messages right away. Within the first day, having Tawk.to on my site helped me make a few sales I would not have made otherwise.

    Objectively, it is not as robust as Intercom but I am a freelancer and use my icon sites to make some passive, secondary income. I don't need Intercom but I do need something that is reliable and gives me _some_ metrics.

    Tawk.to, so far, is perfect for my needs.

    Scott Lewis has used this product for one week.


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Areeb@hackingtag · Developer, Volcrado
Tawk is bae.
Scott Lewis@iconifyit · Web Developer. Icon Designer. Blogger.
I can't believe Tawk.to only has 15 upvotes. I generally expect free products to be "ok" and to have drawbacks like in-app ads and branding. But this took had an immediate impact on my icon website. Visitors to my site can chat with me in real-time to ask questions about pricing, licenses, etc. I keep it open while I'm working on other projects so it's pretty non-intrusive. Really love this products/service. I hope you all get a lot more love and exposure.