True end-2-end encrypted group calls for up to 50 people

#3 Product of the WeekMay 13, 2020
Tauria is the only solution that offers true fully end-to-end encrypted video calls for groups of up to 50 people, 1-on-1 calls and screen sharing.
The platform also provides messaging, file storage, and scheduling all encrypted in one place.
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Hey Product Hunt Community! 👋 Jesse here, founder & CEO of Tauria 🌑 . I'm excited to announce what we’ve been working on for the past couple of months. We are releasing the ONLY Solution that offers full end-2-end encrypted group calls for up to 50 people, 1-on-1 calling and screen sharing! 🚀 Tauria is a fully encrypted and private platform for business. Teams on Tauria can collaborate while also protecting confidential and critical work information. On our platform, all sensitive data is encrypted and unreadable by us. 🔒 Tauria provides organizations with secure and zero-knowledge tools for work, all in one platform. 🛡 • 🎥 Video calls: End-to-end encrypted video conferences for group calls for up to 50 participants, 1-on-1s and screen sharing. • 💬 Messaging: Send encrypted messages in chats and groups with your team and manage cross-company chats externally. • 📂 File Management: Encrypted cloud storage for files with a full file management system. Easily manage files and folders across your organization and share files externally using secure links • 🗓 Scheduling: The only end to end encrypted scheduling system of its kind. Manage your upcoming events and meetings securely and keep confidential meetings private. You can signup today to get a 30-day free trial & for a limited time get 50% off the standard plan! We’d love to hear from you! Thanks! Jesse David Thé CEO, Tauria
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Tauria is now my Zoom replacement. They have blown me away with their quality and security. Great job makers!
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@zack_fediay1 Thanks Zack! Glad to hear you and your team are enjoying it!
'Security is only strong as the weakest link' With remote working on the rise, video conferencing applications have become a target for criminals. What makes video applications especially desirable to criminals is the information that wouldn't necessary be stored on a hard drive, such as confidential information (personal & business) that may only be discussed in person. We've seen the implications of using unsecure video conferencing apps; financial loss, damaged reputation to name a couple. Tauria truly is refreshing to all that need to stay connected in these unprecedented times. Not only is Tauria excellent value for money, and easy to use but most importantly provides the user and in my case one who works in cyber security peace of mind. Thank You Tauria for your innovation! Yours Sincerely Ashley Gurney
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@trusted_safeware Wow! This is great! You are exactly right! This is why we created this solution!
Great new look and easy to use features.
@brian_freeman2 Thanks Brian! We spent a lot of time on the look and ensuring that the solution is as easy to use as possible!
It's easy to use, looks fantastic, and puts security above all else. The video call clarity is outstanding!
@michael_hammer Great to hear! Yes the call quality is something our engineers spent a lot of time on! People need clear calls and to keep them encrypted and secure!