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Pura vida! Super proud to be able to present our little Tattoodo baby/flower/crazy project today! It’s been a journey and finally we are able to give our fans, tattoo lovers, artists and creators the opportunity to have their very own community. Every tattoo has a story. Tattoodo is their home – and we can’t wait to show the world the true face of the tattoo culture. Our incredible team made this happen and together with some of the most talented tattoo artists and tattoo connoisseurs in the world. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts an on our new product and this booming artistic community. Feel free to ask and explore! Let’s jungle!!
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Tattoodo's app aims to give the growing tattoo culture a mobile community for all of their inked needs. The app is a hub for al things tattoo related including thousands of hand picked galleries from Tattoodo’s expert curation team, artist interviews, a look into some of the world's best tattoo shops, and more.
@amijames would love to hear about the story behind this app, how did it come about? What have been some of the biggest challenges with it?
@bentossell The biggest challenge was creating a digital product for an audience that isn’t necessarily digital. Tattoos are about culture, art, self-expression. Not necessarily iPhones and laptops We have to constantly mind ourselves that we are providing online tools for a very deep and strong culture – it’s a tough but exiting journey
@amijames I think the evolution of the iphone and what you can do with it now (images/photos/etc) is becoming a good platform for creatives to really do awesome things. Put yeh its the adoption of non-digital to digital that is quite the barrier.