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I found this a while ago. I don't know how much the maker community loves tattoos – I know I do – but thought I'd share it here. It's like 99 Designs for tattoos. Created by the famous @amijames. Would you try it for your next tattoo?
@thisisjorik thanks for sharing this, I also love tattoos and @amijames is a top tattoo artist. As brilliant @brainpicker -Maria Popova- puts it "We wear the stories of our lives — sometimes through our clothes, sometimes even more deeply, through the innermost physical membrane that separates self from world" (her intro comment to Pen&Ink, beautiful book and popular Tumblr
Seems to synergise pretty nicely with Momentary Ink - another featured submission today.
This is great! Less butterflies, more originality. I'm all for it. Ink up friends 😛
Cool!! Just spotted this! Thank you for sharing @thisisjorik We just launched our new Tattoodo App ( and would love to hear your guys thoughts @dan_e_gray @robertoscaccia @jacqvon