Take a thought. Leave a thought.

TATLAT is a new fun app for iOS that lets people leave their thoughts on anything to get back a thought posted by someone else.

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I don't know what I made this week. But, the app and the video took 3 days (+1 day for the App Store approval). Anyways, take it how you wish!
@pscolucci +5000 for that video!
@edwin_carbajal haha thanks, Edwin!
Bravo sir. Really like it and great turnaround time πŸ‘
Simple and fun! Love how it taps into the element of curiosity.
I like the simplicity. The UX reminds me of Ping, a side project by the Secret team.
@rrhoover I miss Ping! πŸ˜”
Nice one. I love it. [be careful/prepared to handle spam as it might come in no time]