Tasty the Cookbook

BuzzFeed's viral Tasty videos, now in book format 🍽

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BuzzFeed latest product, following the Fondoodler, is a spin off of their wildly popular Tasty Facebook Page (currently at 75m+ likes 😱). My favorite part is that it's customizable. A smart move for BuzzFeed to move into commerce, an increasing trend for media companies looking to diversify revenue streams. @eringriffith has a great overview of their new Product Labs division in Fortune.
$61 to get this to the UK. Great idea and really nice execution with the website but Β£50 is far too much for a low-end cook book.
Great timing. I know what my girlfriend is getting for the upcoming holidays! -Yes, this is a selfish gift.-
@thumpertje I just did the exact same thing πŸ˜‚ put a thoughtful message and some tasteful emoji and you're golden for the holidays πŸ˜‰
There is no way to see the contents of the book. Only one thing you can do is to choose the categories and write a message. Isn't very customizable. But a nice move for a more personalized stuff.
Is the content going to be original content for book owners only or is it going to be rehashings of the content provided on the Tasty page? It's really expensive if it just puts already published recipes on paper.