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To date, BuzzFeed's developed a number of silly, viral, and somewhat controversial products. This is quite creative and a perfect fit for their audience (and me β€” cooking beyond the basics is daunting). Would love to try this out.
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@rrhoover Tools don't make good cooks. Practice does. If you're interested in learning to cook, I'd recommend two books - The 4-Hour Chef (Tim Ferris) and Salt Fat Acid Heat (https://www.saltfatacidheat.com). Both give you not only specific skills and recipes that use them, but Salt Fat Acid Heat also gives you the science behind each I've been considering doing a weekly recipe email list that is set up to teach specific types of cooking skills, along with suggested recipes that use those skills, just because I run into this a lot when I talk cooking with people. And it is just practice and not be afraid to ruin something and try again. (I'm still dialing in my sous vide skills.)
@rrhoover check out the Hestan Cue
@rrhoover @sacbookreviewer absolutely right. You need to learn the sensory and timing cues for yourself in order to be successful at learning how to cook. This is so you're not hamstrung if you need to cook a recipe and you're nowhere near your One Top. Or if you're cooking for more than one/two people and need to cook different things on multiple burners. I see the Tasty One Top as a great way to get people who don't cook for themselves the confidence needed to start. But eventually, the training wheels would need to come off.
@monirom get a look at the Hestan Cue, as far as timing cues are concerned when it comes to learning how to cook www.hestancue.com
We're excited to launch the One Top & Tasty App Today. The One Top isn't just a hot plate... it can do everything from Sous vide, Simmer, Saute, Pan Fry, Deep Fry, Stir Fry, Poach, Slow Cook, Sear & Grill. - All in one device, while following our growing collection of Tasty recipes with incredible precision.
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@benkaufman Will you be launching in any specific retail stores? Would love to talk with you about that.
@3amjosh we try to avoid retail.
@benkaufman a +1 would be to partner with a food home delivery company (Homechef - my favorite, Blue Apron - literally blue from the stock drop, Hello Fresh - hardest street hustlers out there) to provide specific meals/ingredients made for the One Top, delivered to the doorstep.
@benkaufman Understood. Well if you change your mind we're interested!
"without any additional equipment" - you need the pots and pans though.
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@ryanamurphy thats true.
Genius. IOT that makes total sense with huge appeal. LOVE.
To think, the same organization that tells me which Kardashian I am based on Forever 21 purchases, just launched a smart kitchen product that looks amazing and makes me want to eat something Tasty right now.