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DavidKMaker@david86kh · Founder @ Tasty 360
Thanks @_jacksmith for hunting us! we are very exctted to be featured at PH. Tasty360 is a mobile app where you can learn to cook tasty things easily, by having the best recipes from around the web + a community where you can ask questions, share tasty experiences and make new foodie friends. you are welcome to ask me questions and give feedback :)
Shy Rosenzweig
Shy Rosenzweig@shyrosenzweig · GM - Monyx
A community for food lovers? im in! looks good, what about ios? @david86kh
DavidKMaker@david86kh · Founder @ Tasty 360
@shyrosenzweig exactly. Welcome to learn something new or to get suggestions for healthy recipes. The iOS version is work in progress and will be available soon.
Nigel Sharp
Nigel Sharp@nigel_sharp
Exciting to the see the traction this app is getting!, YUMMY
DavidKMaker@david86kh · Founder @ Tasty 360
@nigelsharp thanks for being excited with us! Btw, Yummy is a great food app name too haha:)
Erica Taylor
Erica Taylor@erica_taylor
David, Your social media links are not working on the site. Can you share?