An intelligent spice rack

TasteTro is an intelligent spice rack that delivers mouthwatering spice blends at the touch of a button.

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Dan Dan
Web Dev.
Nope nope. "Can I load my own spices in the pods? In the beginning, we asked ourselves if we were an appliance company or a spice company. In the numerous in-home research interviews we conducted, we consistently found people using old spices. To have people expect mouthwatering spice blends from loading their old spices into the appliance would lead to disappointment and not the experience we want to deliver. TasteTro's spices and herbs are of a premium gourmet quality, procured in smaller batches from only the most trusted sources. All pods are sealed and uniquely identified through the RFID label. " The short answer is no you can't, the longer answer is above and it's good at not saying "no". Nope, don't want an expensive machine that becomes useless when the business model fails and goes bankrupt or has issues in the production line. Let me use my "old spices"... in fact, let me use whatever spice I want.
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Chris KilbournCEO & Lead Designer at To the Tenth
@tostartafire So so true.