Find mates who share your taste

Thanks to @gillianim for hunting us. It is our first time on Product Hunt and we are super excited to be officially launching Tastemates today on Valentine's Day on both the Apple and Google Play app stores! We believe that we are more than just a photo. We believe our taste defines who we are, the movies, books, music, shows etc that we love and is the best indicator of compatibility with other people. We spend our life trying to find our taste tribe, people who are into what we are into and who can turn us on to stuff that we are not into yet. That's the magic of life. Unfortunately we felt that all the current networks weren't doing a good enough job of 1) letting us share our taste in a fun, mobile friendly way and 2) connecting us with friends and potential romantic partners who we actually have something in common with. Finding your soulmate is a top priority for many guys and girls. We hope to eliminate all those bad dates when you realize you have nothing in common with the other person. Instead of spending multiple coffee dates finding out about the other person's interests and if you think they match with yours, you can now just view their profile and do some pre-screening. Our algorithm takes into account all your overlaps and differences and organizes all your mates by a match %. You can find mates to go to see concerts with, go to the movies with, chat about your favorite book with or hopefully find someone who can be your soulmate and life partner. I was lucky enough to find mine so nothing would make us happier than helping you find yours! Happy Valentines everyone!
@vlasso congrats on the launch, JV!
@shimmb whom isn't as well received. Even if grammatically correct. Had this debate at twitter around "who to follow" for the longest time
@joshelman @shimmb thanks for weighing in Josh!
Tastemates is about finding people who share your interests: share your favorite books, movies, etc easily by swiping and it builds a profile that can match you with people who you might like. I appreciate the fact that it's platonic (or that's an option, at least)...
How many more dating Apps?? good luck tho.
@taha_tweets Hi Mohammed - I hear you, we definitely didn't want to just be another dating app. Tastemates is much more. We are a place for you to share all the things you love and find people around the world and nearby who are into what you're into. You can find concert mates, movie mates, book mates, even soulmates. We feel people are more than just a photo. We are made up of all the things we love, this is what makes us who we are. We have worked very hard to build a database of more than 500K content items (movies, music, tv shows, books, games etc) that our users can quickly and easily add to their profile. All the content is linked to places to consume them. It is a rich experience and provides utility and fun beyond the connections to like-minded people. Please give us a test drive, we welcome all feedback! Happy Valentine's
@vlasso Great. Will give it a try.
@taha_tweets thank you sir! LMK what you think - I am jon@tastemates.com
@vlasso @tastemates I did give a try and found the app nice, except for the profiles that didn't seem authentic. But i understand the challenges in the commencement stage. Good one though.
Great concept! Love that I can connect with people with the same interests as me. Right now, there's only wide range message boards Ala Reddit, meet up groups (which are so vast), and random small 'user enthusiast groups' this seems like a nice way to connect on common ground to make some new friends! Congrats team!