Your voice-enabled cooking companion

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Super slick integration between voice and screen.
Hey, Product Hunters! Happy to answer any questions you might have about new our service. Tasted is a multimodal, cross-platform AI cooking service. We want to be your sentient cooking companion that works on whatever device you need. Love any feedback.
I'm really enjoying watching the content change on my phone as I talk to Alexa. It's great to be able to interact with voice while having the richer visual content in front of me. A naive implementation of this would have had Alexa recite a list of recipes to choose from and then dictate the chosen recipe to me. That clearly would never work. It's too much content to digest with voice only. Having the choices and final recipe synced in real time to a screen was a smart product decision.
Congrats on the launch, Mike!
Have you considered to make it work on Echo Show, so the user doesn't have to pair devices?
@moyicat Hey Samantha, it does work on Echo Show! You just don't need to pair a device to get the visual companion. A lot of people already have phones, tablets, smart TVs, etc in or near the kitchen so they don't want to buy a new screen to get the visual companion.
@miketatum Awesome! Will try it out.