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Fabian SpielbergerCEO @ Pepper.com
Lets see if they can beat Jinni (which sadly shut down) - Criticker and itcher were okay Alternatives http://itcher.com https://www.criticker.com EDIT: Would be fantastic if you could search for Actors as well. Specially to build the profile i find this an very easy way to go through loads of movies EDIT2: Ya, big downide is that building the profile takes too long :( Maybe you can improve that? I like just cliking through movies for 10-15minutes
Ben HartenAd Solutions & Marketing Director
@fabian_spielberger @ Jinni we are very happy to see the Semantic Taste based approach having taken root in the industry including new apps like Taste as well as big players like Netflix. While Jinni has shuttered its B2C site/app, we continue to deliver quality taste based discovery to audiences worldwide via their Cable/Sat/OTT providers. Best of luck!
Nathan Vander HeydenCo-Founder, TranslateLab
I'd suggest making sure you present very different movies when a user builds their profile (3 different Star Wars movies were presented to me) because I assume rating all of them "Amazing" may give me too many suggestions of genres similar to Star Wars after I'm done signing up, and I like different genres! Besides that, the suggestions look good :) I'll give this a try. EDIT: Can you combine profiles? This would be amazing if you want to watch a movie with friends or your partner.
Seva MoulerEntrepreneur & kitesurfer
Awesome! Any plans on iOS?
Tuğçe AyteşCCO, whodidthis.io
I'm already addicted to it :) Great web site!
Jordan Singer
I build my ideas.
Does this use https://taste-kit.com? 😏
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