The new way to find a city's best places to eat and drink.

#3 Product of the DayAugust 04, 2017

Taste helps people find the best local places to eat and drink. Locals get one favorite in each category; one coffee shop, one burger joint, etc. Check-In to receive milestones in each category to increase the value of your opinion and keep track of where you've been. Reshape the way you go eat and drink, through a positive exchange: favorites.

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Is there a reason why the Android app hasn't launched yet? I feel like when you get to the big cities there is actually a very healthy mix of Android and iOS users.
@northmccormick EXACTLY!! No android, NO-GO outside America
I saw "Patent Pending" at the bottom of your website. What is the patent?
So, my understanding is that this is urbanspoon but instead of positive/negative review percentage, you're basing a restaurant's score on how many people have favourited this place + number of times they have checked in there with the app. I like the idea of being able to add to a score every time you go back, but I'm not sure about no negative reviews. I get that restaurant owners probably like this feature, but I actually like seeing what people complain about because it gives me context. I feel like restaurant owners should like negative feedback, too - if your restaurant has 300 reviews saying your food is lousy and your wait staff are rude, that's much better feedback than "Nobody is favouriting our restaurant".
@rossdcurrie Absolutely, great feedback. Our initial mindset was that if we add reviews, we might as well just be another review website. We can't be all things to all people. If you want to know where not to go, go to a site with negative reviews. If you want to know the best places come to Taste. I will keep your post in consideration as we move forward.
@andyseavers "If you want to know where not to go, go to a site with negative reviews. If you want to know the best places come to Taste." That's a really interesting way of looking at it. I shall have to reflect on this :) On a different note, do you guys track things like opening hours? Presumably a restaurant that is only open 2 days a week, or even just for dinner is going to be disadvantaged in the ranking system against a restaurant open 24/7?
@rossdcurrie Please do. Email me at andy@wehavetaste.com with any additional feedback you may have in the future. We pull data from weekly hours of operation. In what way do you feel companies with limited hours are at a disadvantage?
@rossdcurrie That's our idea :D I thought of the exact app to develop not too long ago. Glad someone made it.
@andyseavers If score is weighted on the number of times a favouriter visits the venue, then a restaurant that's open 24/7 is going to receive way more visits than a restaurant open just for dinner... would that not automatically skew 24/7 diners to the top of your ranking?
This is a great idea executed by a fantastic team! I used to travel a lot for work and always wished I had access to a list of the places locals actually liked to eat and hang out at. Yelp is ok, but it's usually overloaded with all the places tourists go when they visit on the weekends. I wish this would have been around back then, can't wait to use it now though!
Love everything about this product and team! I have known these guys for awhile and think this is such an amazing solution finding the best local spots! Something I always wish I had!