Visual task management with chat and performance analytics.

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Pricing is pretty expensive for the low user tiers. I'd encourage you to consider ramping pricing more gradually. Startups won't pay $22 per user for a Trello + Slack competitor. At least this guy won't :)
@arlogilbert The pricing starts from $8 per user. We also offer discounts to universities and non profit organizations.
@khunshiv yes. $8 for a single user. What single user needs task management software for teams? I get that you're offering the discount but your product is overpriced.
@arlogilbert How is $8/m overpriced? Do you mean that their product is over-specced for this price point (1 user)? @khunshiv
Congratulations! Taskworld looks amazing and seems to be a very complete tool. The first question that popped into my head: how's Taskworld compared to Asana and what would be the main reason for someone to migrate from it? Thanks!
Thank you so much Igor @igorbonatto. Your feedback is really encouraging :-) Communication in Taskworld doesn't depend on third party integration. This just makes it easier to share ideas with your teammates. Taskworld offers more comprehensive performance charts. It's also available in 9 different languages (with localized support).
Thanks a lot Eric for hunting us! Taskworld packs visual task management, team messaging and performance analytics into one neat app. You can create tasks, assign work and keep track of your team's performance. With this setup, nothing falls through the cracks. You don't need to integrate and pay separately for team messaging, reports or file sharing. Taskworld has all of them in one app. Don't be deceived by its clean interface, this is a serious app with power packed features (https://taskworld.com/features/t...). Calling out all Product Hunters to try out Taskworld (https://taskworld.com/). Our entire team is excited to hear your feedback.
Its like trello, but more complete and paid.
Looks great any plans for a Mac app?
Thanks @arlogilbert! Not immediately, we're working some more exciting task management features.