Manage tasks, projects & time from command line.

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Hi Everyone, I'm Andres Max, founder @taskware and @ideawareco. We built taskware because we grew tired of complicated task and team tools that only added more complexity to our workday (Basecamp, we're looking at you). Taskware is invite-only at the moment (we're making sure our server doesn't explode), but I'd be happy to share invites to all interested Product Hunters!
Really cool stuff, would love an invite!
@jmsuth Of course! Where should we send it?
@andresmax I requested an invite on your page using my name!
@jmsuth Perfect, I'll send you an invite soon!
Previous Basecamp (and many others) / current Trello user -- would love to try it. Requested invite via your site. I think we've seen a lot of neat more niche products launch in the project management space lately. Some recent interesting ones to me are https://heyflock.com and https://www.blossom.co. One major difference here looks to be the smart timestamps feature that makes "2d" auto expand into a task being due 2 days from now; also, the very minimal but well designed interface looks great. Can't wait to try it. Your messaging threw me off a little bit because everything says "command line", but then there's this gorgeous web app GUI you've built... I have a feeling most devs picture a terminal shell when they hear that.
@kicksopenminds Thank you Taylor for your feedback. It made me happy to read your overall impression as you definitely 'got it' without us having to try too hard. I'll be sending you an invite soon, I'd love to hear more of your thoughts & feedback once you use it!
I'd like to try. I joined at the website.
Love to see if it works for us, currently we have tried many tools and havent seen any thing fit for us, because of mainly remote teams