Next-Gen Role Based Project Management Platform

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Taskulu is a project management platform that lets you define Roles and Permissions within your project, so you don't have to create multiple sub-projects (i.e. boards on Trello) to manage a single project, It also gives you additional tools such as real time chat and time tracking and desktop notifications to make things more integrated and manageable! I'd be glad to answer your questions :) Thanks!
@farhad_hf Because of those extra features, I'll now try it out :) Definitely thought this was a Trello clone at first glance. Maybe consider adding a Taskulu vs Trello chart at the bottom of the site.
@farhad_hf Update: can't seem to sign up. Typed my email multiple times.
@tzhongg Thanks! Taskulu vs Trello chart is a great idea, We'll definitely do it! :)
@tzhongg Is it giving you an error? We've been getting reports that some spam filters are filtering our emails (mostly on corporate email accounts). We're trying to find out what's going on there, but can you use a gmail/yahoo account for registration in the meantime (or use Google/Github to sign up)?
@farhad_hf Literally nothing happens. Doesn't give me an error. It just returns a blank input box again. I used a gmail account
Looks like Trello but prettier and with some add-on features.
very nice tool with a great UX I wish to add ( sub-task ) feature like existing in wrike.com
@ya3mro Hey Amr, We do have support for sub-tasks, try editing the task description and you'll see the "Add checklist" button. It inserts the checklist within the task description with a github-style markup!
@farhad_hf it's just a checklist no full sub-task , I mean sub task that has all features of task
It is really useful and has a very nice UX/UI design! Thanks @farhad_hf for Taskulu