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This is really interesting - it is from the same team that created AgileZen, a pre-Trello KanBan tool that was acquired by Rally.
TaskTorch puts you in control of your commitments, and makes it easy to work with your team. You get your own list of cards that represent their priorities, and you can exchange the cards when you need help from other people. It's kind of like a mashup between a todo list and email. Everyone's list is visible to everyone else, so it's always easy to see at a glance what your teammates are up to, whether someone has too much on their plate, or when they'll be able to help you out if you need it. In 2009, my wife @nikibeth and I built a product called AgileZen, which was one of the first kanban apps -- think Trello before Trello. Our company was acquired by Rally Software in 2010, but the acquisition never quite worked out the way we hoped. After being frustrated with the state of project management, we decided to apply what we'd learned to creating TaskTorch. There are a lot of project management apps out there, but we think our approach is simple and straightforward, while still being powerful enough to let you work with as many people as you need to. If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them. Also, if you have any feedback, good, bad, or in between, we'd love to hear it!
@nkohari @nikibeth wifey & hubby team? Cool! What stack is it built on?
@franciskim_co @nkohari @nikibeth Was about to ask the same thing. I put my coins on Node and WebSockets :) Also can two people work on the same card at the same time ?
@franciskim_co @novica93 The front-end is React, the back-end is Node.js, and the database is RethinkDB. The "real-time update" support is driven by Pusher -- websockets-as-a-service, basically. :) Edit: Missed your other question! Two people can have actions in progress on the same card at the same time, but only one person can have the card in their priority list at a time. We think there should always be a single person "on point", but we're experimenting with different ways of showing that you're working on a card that's currently in someone else's priority list.
@nkohari wow... all the cool stuff! :) well done.
This is similar to https://www.someone.io/ that I just started using (and love it), also built around team work (but works great for solo work as well). It's a crowded market, but everyone needs a project management and everyone has a little different needs it seems.
A lot of times I find myself working on a task that another person is also working on. For example I might be doing some front end implementation while a teammate fixed up the API to accommodate. Yeah we could have two cards but that forces me to check in with that person through the process. Would be cool if a card could be assigned to multiple people at once. Does TaskTorch do this? If not it would be awesome.
@begraffic We don't currently have this, since we built it with the idea that someone would always be "on point". We appreciate the feedback, and we'll look at ways to make this work. Thanks!
Hi, is there any discount for student?