Tasktic is a powerful task manager for iOS.

Tasktic is a powerful and easy to use task manager, free for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

It offers:

• Unlimited tasks, with optional due date and notification

• Projects

• Tags

• iCloud sync

• Siri and Reminders integration

• Recurring tasks

• Statistics and achievements

• iPad multitasking

• Watch app, Widget and Share extension included

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Hey Hunters! I'm Cesare, the developer of @TaskticApp, a task manager (yup, another one...) for iPhone and iPad built to be very easy and fast to use, with features like Projects, Tags, reminders, iCloud sync, quick schedule, Siri integration, Today and Share extensions, etc. Tasktic is free, with a Pro version that can be unlocked forever via a $4.99 in-app purchase; there's also a Pro Big Supporter IAP that can be purchased for $ 9.99 by the most loving users (over 40% of the paying users choose this version over the less expensive option, so I must have done something good...) I know there are a lot of to-do & GTD apps out there, but some of them are a bit expensive and others don't guarantee as much privacy as I would like to have as a user... on top of that, a lot of people don't use a task manager yet, and I'm a big believer that *everyone* can use more lists and a better organization in their life :) Please, let me know if you have any questions! Finally, I just want to say that having the chance of being on Product Hunt is the best Christmas gift I could have received, thanks @chrishannah!
Super simple design, and you can even split your tasks into projects and give them tags. It's a really useful app to have, and it's easy to use!
Thank you Hunters! Being on the Tech home page of Product Hunt really is a dream come true, the best 🎄 🎁 a developer could hope for!!!
It looks VERY much like Omnifocus from the Omni Group. :/
@gilbelford I'm a big fan of OmniFocus, I believe it's a great app, probably the best available on Mac. Of course, there are some similarities (the task - pun intended - both apps try to accomplish is about the same), but I tried to give Tasktic its own personality, focusing on speed for the creation and review of tasks (hence the tab-bar based navigation and the possibility to choose in which section to start the app); I also tried to give powerful features, like multiple tags (that are quite different from OmniFocus contexts), to the most advanced users, while keeping the app very affordable. Omni is one of the best companies, with the nicest people, in the Mac and iOS community. I'm really, really out of my league comparing my app to theirs. But I hope Tasktic, with its low barrier both in terms of price and learning curve, will be helpful for a lot of people, especially to those who have never tried a task manager before.
Hi @cdf1982, I tested your app. And after few minutes i decided to replace Reminders with it. I like the simplicity of the application and its features. After few hours i realized that i couldn't see my ToDo on my Mac. And it's a big problem for me :-/ A Mac OS version would be very useful. In my case I think I have to return to Reminders.
@virtualflo Hi and thank your for trying Tasktic, I really appreciate you found its features compelling enough to try switching from Reminders! I hear you, I also need to manage my tasks on my Mac... I can't announce any release date yet, but I've started working on Tasktic for OSX. I'll let you know as soon as it's available!
@cdf1982 Great news ! For now how do you manage to see you ToDo on your Mac ? If you have a solution i can keep Tasktic on my iPhone ;-)
@virtualflo At the moment I haven't a viable solution for you: my approach has been to split my tasks between the iPhone/iPad and the Mac, saving on the computer just what I want to accomplish there. On OSX I use Reminders, but without saving tasks into the default project (that would be imported by Tasktic on iOS). But this isn't an approach I feel comfortable suggesting, honestly. I'll have to accelerate on the development of Tasktic for Mac...