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Hey guys, This is Federico Schiano di Pepe, I am the founder of CoContest. I’m very eager to know your opinion on our new product that we have just launched and get some feedback. CoContest is the first online platform dedicated to interior design where people can launch a contest to renew their homes and receive an average of 20 different project designs. We have created this new product for those who need minor needs, such as furniture consultant for furnishing the living room, or a 3D render image for one’s bedroom, or a furniture shopping list for one’s home. The service is very affordable and gives everyone access to interior design services at a small price. We have reserved a 50% discount for all Product Hunters who want to use this new service. The coupon code is PH2016
@fedesdp This is very cool. Ive been considering CoContest for a coworking centre design I am helping to put together. Question, If i wanted the designer to pick furniture/items that were based in Sweden or easily deliverable/shippable to sweden without too much grief, is that possible (eg searching nerby stores, etc?).
Hi @jasondainter thank you for you kind comment. Of course you can ask all our designers to use only furniture/items from Sweden or shippable to Sweden in their projects. Just add this request in the description and all participant designers will use only furniture available in Sweden. Our community counts more than 35K designers from all over the world. Most of them are from Europe and in particular we have hundreds of Swedish designers. If you need further info please don't hesitate to contact me at fede@cocontest.com
@fedesdp @cocontest thanks a lot I'll do that
Looks interesting! Does the system decide automatically what furniture I should use or is there human team for consultancy?
Hi Saghar, thanks for the questions! All the services of CoContest Tasks are performed by our designers, custom-made for each client. All human, no robots :) and 100% money back guaranteed
Seem very affordable. Will be nice if we can see some actual examples of before and after together with the description.
Hi @ping_he thank you for your comment, here you can see the output of our core business https://www.cocontest.com/#!en/c.... As for before and after results on CoContest Tasks, all you need to do is to click on each service and you can see the before and after on a small pop up window that opens. We plan to publish all before and after projects on a specific page in near future, which is as soon as we have enough projects to feature. We have just launched today :)
Affordable and very easy to use!