A simplistic todo list manager written in Go

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Looks cool - but aren't there a sea of products like this? How would you stand out?
While I'm never against competition, this feels a lot like trello which is free and pretty well integrated at this point. I don't know how or what but someone will come up with a truly new way to tackle task based productivity and that will be HUGE.
@mykecheckonetwo @samir_doshi - i think the reason this is cool is because it's an open source application written in GO. More than the functionality or usefulness of the product, the real world working example of a new language is extremely helpful for those looking to climb into "GO".
@xcadaverx @mykecheckonetwo wow .... good answer haha... had no idea... gonna check into this ASAP - thanks so much and best of luck -- looks awesome.
Excellent point @xcadaverx makes it more intriguing in that light