IFTTT for data processing

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 06, 2015
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Great job @fraseratkins on launching! I've been following development for a while and so excited to see the direction you're taking this in. Spreadsheets are already so powerful and it seems a no brainer to bring basic programming functions to them. Can you share some examples of how people are currently using the tool?
Thanks @ahtomski ! We're building TaskPipes with the objective of automating tedious, manual and repetitive data processing tasks that you perform on a regular basis. We have people using it for their weekly performance reporting, for analysing raw CSVs of customer data to make deeper insights, and even for monitoring financials like transaction data.
@chrisashby7 and I have just launched TaskPipes. It allows you to define a series of "steps" to apply to raw data, like filtering, sorting, cleaning, grouping and comparing against other data sets, that you can run again and again whenever you get new data. Any time you've had to manually prepare reports or summaries from raw input data on a regular basis, give it a go! Additionally, you can schedule tasks to run on a regular basis. We'd be delighted to hear any feedback or comments and if anyone needs a hand getting set up, feel free to send me an email to fraser(at)taskpipes.com
Really cool @fraseratkins and @chrisashby7! I know an associate at a major financial services firm who took the initiative to write a simple program that automated repetitive data entry processes, and by doing so significantly increased productivity for the whole team. But this doesn't happen often, so it's great when products come out that empower those without technical expertise to creatively impact their jobs and lives.
@fraseratkins awesome stuff here Fraser, I really like the direction. With a background in data, there is something to be said about the potential to use this automation on public data sources as I mentioned in our call, and with various formats of data. .txt files, .html, .xml, .pdf . etc. The biggest barrier to entry for your product may be trying to get data into an orgnanized .csv format. As of now it seems alot data related tasks may require some sort of machine intelligence in order to make it work because data is inherently messy. Best of luck and let's stay in touch. cc @ahtomski @chrisashby7