TaskList For Slack

πŸ“±Task manager for Slack

TaskList is a mobile-friendly task manager that keeps your Slack team organized.

It's simple - Powered by 2 slack commands, /task and /list.πŸ‘Œ

It's mobile - Works on any device. πŸ“±

No account needed - No extra signups, logins, passwords. 😲

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5 Reviews5.0/5
We needed a simple & mobile solution to keep our team's tasks organized in Slack. So we created it and i'm very excited to share it with PH. Let me know what you think and i'll be here to answer any questions!
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My startup has been looking for something like this for ages! We've tried solutions like Trello but we spend all day in Slack and ultimately, people aren't remembering to update their tasks on a separate platform. This could be perfect for us. Thank you πŸ™ βœ…
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Quick update - I have downloaded this plug-in and it works even better than expected. Highly recommend.
@laura_carpenter That makes 2 of us. Glad you like it!

just a few extra commands can make a big difference - it's a great addition to slack


Intuitive and easy to use - no frills


none for the moment

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What do you mean by 'no account needed'?
@sbill4671 You're already authenticated on Slack when you use TaskList, so there's no need to add any extra layer of accounts and passwords. We hate having to remember more accounts / passwords. When you go from Slack -> TaskList, the links are embedded with one time tokens that expire in 60 mins, which is plenty of time. And every time you make a new request in Slack, you get a new one, so you'll never see a login/signup screen πŸ˜„.
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@dannywitters gotcha, makes sense.