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Taskeo is online productivity software that goes beyond project management and team collaboration. It’s the personal productivity assistant that you’ve been waiting for.
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Hi, I’m Kamil, the Founder of Taskeo, productivity/project management platform. Our vision with Taskeo is not to build just another kanban board (we have one!), but a complete personal assistant which will help you to be more productive and keep your projects up to date. Here is just a short features highlight: Recurring Tasks: will show up in your to-do list always on time Time Tracking: track your productivity comfortably Team View: distribute your workload evenly Project Burndown Chart: Monitor the progress of your projects Reminders: Stop forgetting everything [upcoming] Focus Mode: Skyrocket your productivity, no more distractions until you’re done! [upcoming] M.I.T. method: Prioritize efficiently - get done what’s really important [upcoming] Chrome plugin: make the most of your time outside our platform Right now we have an active Life Time Deal campaign. You can find the link on our homepage! Your feedback is welcome!
Ok, so I see that you have a Kansan board. There are many other tools which seems to do the same thing. How it’s different than let’s say Trello?
@kamil_kluziak There are many great products out there. We are at the beginning of our road. If you just compare it with Trello, we have some extras like, in-app time tracking, reminders, repeating tasks, burndown chart, team view, personal dashboard and reports. But that's not all. We are working on solving a much bigger problem. Most of the project managers or in general productivity app users will tell you that they have a problem with consistency. They start using some tool but then with time they just forget about it. We want to solve this problem. Create a personal assistant and remove the friction of keeping productivity/project management tool up to date. That's why we are working now on Chrome plugin, Slack bot and mobile application. BDW. you can find our public roadmap here: https://taskeo.nolt.io/ (you can vote without signup).
I love Taskeo ! I've always been a fan of Trello but this is just what Trello was missing. The interface is beautiful, very easy to use and all the features are very useful. My team loves using Taskeo and the free option is more than enough for the moment. I won't hesitate to recommend this tool to everyone.
@cassandra_beaulieu thank you! Let me know if we can do anything to improve your experience with Taskeo.
my teamwork has gone to no where, and this app may be a way to solve it. good app, really.