On the surface, Its an elegant task planner ... But under the hood, its features a unique data input mechanism that makes tasks entries a blaze with simple codes.

Taskcode 1.0 was featured by Apple (Prod>USA) and Product Hunt.

We are back with v 2.0 which is a complete revamp of the original & we are thrilled to share it with the World :)

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4 Reviews5.0/5
Hello All! Although the core of the engine remains the same, V2.0 have a lot of new and improved features along with a cleaner and more elegant User interface. Some of the new features include : - Completely redesigned UI - Task and Note tabs on Home screen - Label tags to organize entries - Left and right swipe functions - Sort by due date or date created - New Colors for label tags - Due today page - Dark & Light themes - Improved Auto-suggestions for Submit - Icon/code toggle switch - Fonts - Early notify ( pre-alarm) function + Much more ….. Taskcode 2.0 is free to download and use, with some premium features with In-app purchase. We hope we are offering something of value to users; would love to hear from you all.
Paid for first version and it received next to no updates. Not motivated to pay again.
I’m an avid Things 3 user, but I loved the first version of this app and used it a lot. I’ll definitely give this a download and use it some. It feels very “bullet-journal”ish which I love.
@iamjmw great ! Please try to give us a review after using 2.0
Question @danny_kurian, Will there ever be an Android version of Taskcode?
@vivalldi98 Yes, definitely. But the next obvious upgrade would be to have it on other Apple devices and cloud sync between them... It all depends on how well our app is received as well.
Taskcode is great and this update looks beautiful! I just wish there were some integrations with things like fantastical.
@treggify Thank you, glad you liked 2.0 !