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Taskcode is a masterfully created task manager with a unique data input system. Unlike other reminder apps, where the user constantly have to tap from one option to another, Taskcode allows the easiest way of specifying all attributes of a reminder like due date, time, subtasks, title, repeat function etc. simply by typing. This allows for a much quicker and efficient way of inputting data. There are 6 simple codes, a user can use in combination to set reminders: “ ” for title # for due date @ for due time $ for repeat functionality % for subtasks * for color of a tile Preview 1: “Office Task” Meeting with John & Julie #tomorrow @noon When you type the above and tap save, Taskcode automatically accepts due date as the next day and time as 12:00 pm, with title as ‘Office task’ - because # is used to specify due date, @ is used to specify due time and any character inside double quotes become the title of the tile. Preview 2: “Buy from Supermarket” %Milk %Sugar %Apples #010716 @0300p Here the task will be titled as ‘Buy from Supermarket’ with subtask items listed as Milk, Sugar and Apples with the due date as 1st of July 2016 (010716), and time as 3:00 Pm (0300p). Preview 3: “Take Medicine” $daily @0800a This will remind you to take your medicine every day ($daily) in the morning at 08:00 am (@morning can also be used). Any text without these codes will be saved as a simple note. Detailed tutorial and walkthrough tutorial are available inside the app. Added Features include: • Auto suggestion for codes • Code & Color shortcut drawer • Dark theme & White theme • Snooze control • Multi-select for batch actions • Archiving of tiles and more Master these 6 simple codes and discover how logical and faster it is to input data.There are hundreds of apps available to enter data manually but you deserve something better. www.taskcodeapp.com hello@taskcodeapp.com
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@danny_kurian just purchased. Will try it out and let u know my thoughts
@rizzisam great ! thanks
@danny_kurian ok just got a chance to play around with it quickly. Looks great. 1 feedback, when I press and hold I get option to delete, archive etc. I personally think it will be way more convenient if instead I was able to slide the task and I get like those options like we can do it in what'sapp.
@rizzisam Glad to hear that Sam. About long press to select vs slide: Slide is convenient only when you have to perform actions for a single task tile; but for batch editing we thought, long press works better.. what do you think?
@danny_kurian ok maybe. But I suggest to do few 1on1 user interviews and see how the use it first time and may be ask if they preferred slide. I don't know how difficult it will be to code and let them play with the other version too. U won't know it until u see user reaction.
I think the choice of colors is a little washed out and old school. Maybe its intended that way, but it reminds me of colored paper. I'm not a designer, but I think it definitely doesn't look as good as other to do apps. The code functionality is definitely a stand out feature, but as somebody who hates typing on mobile devices its not a plus in my book. Also, it doesnt take long to learn 6 commands, but it takes much longer to really have them in the back of your head and not needing to think about it anymore. And thats really important if you want to enter reminders fast. I'm just not sure if that learning path is worth it not having to tap on a due date or time button in the UI. I don't mean to offend. I just wanted to share my perpective. Good luck, my friend.
@gopietz Thank you for your inputs and wishes, Pietz and here is my response : Say you want to put a reminder for Tomorrow, evening to buy 3 items - Apples , Oranges and Watermelon with a title " Get from store" : In Taskcode you simple type - " Buy from Store" %Apples %Oranges %Watermelon #tomorrow @evening - and its done ! On other apps its takes longer to input the same content - That's why we think the system we introduced is better.
Looks cool but what do your users say?:) How do they learn the way to create a task? Also I think that it's not really easy to set up a task in such way in mobile app. It's more suitable for web interface. Good luck
@oleg_avrah thanks Oleg ; we are getting positive feedbacks from our users. For codes we have a shortcut drawer just above the keyboard - so accessing it is not an issue. There is auto suggestion for codes too. As for learning there is a detailed tutorial and simple walkthrough slides that will teach you how to use the app. Hope you get a chance to use it to see what i mean. Thanks again.
@danny_kurian unfortunately I'm android guy:)
@oleg_avrah oh - but we have plans for android soon 😄👍🏼
This reminds me of Remember The Milk as they allowed text codes to indicate task attributes. It made it easy to input a lot of extremely fast once you got the idea down. Do you have a web app? Not sure I'd get the same value when I have to use my mobile keyboard
@bmeadowcroft also see Scribblepost and Twoodo for more microsyntax-based content-centric task management tools
@bmeadowcroft we have put a code shortcut drawer, placed on top on iphone keyboard. So you can easily and quickly access these 6 codes. You also get auto suggestions for syntaxes for the respective codes. Please see the images of the Submit page we have uploaded. Hope you get a chance to use our app to see it in action. Anyways, thanks a lot for your inputs.
@bmeadowcroft Yeah, not so unique when RTM does this for years https://www.rememberthemilk.com/...
@bmeadowcroft And the classic is Remember the Milk
Not going to use a task manager that doesn't have a web/desktop interface. Any plans to add one?
@shimmb Right now its an iPhone stand alone app. In future, an obvious upgrade would be a cloud based web/mobile system.