Copy Evernote & OneNote to-do lists to 40+ task apps

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Huge thx to @erictwillis for hunting us. TaskClone solves a simple but nagging problem: How to get action items out of your digital notes and into the right app without retyping, copy & paste or forgetting to do it altogether. After forgetting some to-dos I had faithfully entered in my meeting notes (again), I knew there was a better way. TaskClone is the only service that extracts these items and sends them to 40+ task apps and Google Calendar. For some apps, you can add due dates, priority and more. Evernote & OneNote Personal are supported as well as almost every online task app (API or not). It’s been a labor of love and I’m excited to engage with your feedback, comments, questions 💭 To show our appreciation, anyone who signs of for a free trial today, gets 50% the already low annual subscription. 🤑
TaskClone's ability to turn checkboxes in Evernote into tasks in my task management app is a huge time saver! Imagine you'd have to type and type again al these informations. I especially like that TaskClone is very easy to setup!
@enriconahler What's often worse is forgetting to re-type altogether and then forgetting to do the task.
I already have a trial account (wayback). I logged in with that credentials. Can I use the Trial again?
@suijkerwerk Shoot us that Evernote username for the old account and we'll take care of it. http://support.taskclone.com/con...
I was a very early user of TaskClone. A year ago or so I inadvertantly let my premium subscription lapse. I knew immediately as not having it raised havoc with my workflow from Evernote. Needless to say, I re-subscribed quickly. Great product!
Key part of my daily workflow