Task your ToDo list so you have time for the important stuff

A Task outsourcing platform connecting entrepreneurs with busy people to assist with odd tasks and errands.
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Time is something we as a society cant seem to ever have enough of. Prices of getting help with your tasks and errands aren't feasible. Flexible earning solutions are what more and more people are searching for. We want to connect neighbours together so they can save money, make money and have the time to enjoy life!
@taskbee - Promising product and great branding! Couple of things: I think charging the seekers a monthly/yearly fee is probably a deal-breaker to many if you are looking gain traction. How do you vet the taskers?
@sekhar_chandra Hi! Thank you for your comment. We've been hearing that same feedback and are looking into changing that part of our model. We are currently offering 3 months free as well. The reason we put a subscription is so Seekers could post however many tasks they want a month at a low rate vs paying per task. We will be trying out different options.
@sekhar_chandra In regards to vetting the Taskers, currently we have a ratings and reviews system but will be implementing background checks as well as live-selfies to be taken to cross reference ID's to ensure the user is who they've listed on their profile.